Artic Bath

From enjoying a summer swim under the midnight sun to taking in the northern lights in winter, with nature, light and the arctic climate serving as that extra spice. Sometimes cold, bordering on what’s comfortable, but still alluring. This is Arctic Bath, a unique hotel attraction on Lule River, situated downstream from the bridges of Bodträskfors, alternating between frozen and floating depending on season.

The idea of a floating sauna first came to Harads resident Per-Anders Eriksson during the opening of Treehotel in 2010. At first, the vision was a glass cube on a raft. Bertil Harström, who designed Treehotel’s The Bird’s Nest, took over the idea and in 2013 he and Johan Kauppi designed Arctic Bath’s floating, circular building.

Ramdalsvägen 10, 96024 Harads